Frequently asked questions

Here we would like to answer your most common and important questions to answer about your car hire. For further questions please call our hotline is available.

How and when do I pay for my car hire?

When you hire your car with us pay for it directly with the car hire company when picking the vehicle up. Should an advance be required we will inform you about it on the website. Payment must be made to most car rental companies to with a credit card. It is very important that the credit card is issued in the name of the hirer. You cannot pay with the credit card of another person.
There are also some providers who accept EC card or cash. But these are exceptions and in this case you must then have to pay a security deposit.

Is there a minimum age?

Yes, there is. With most car hire companies, the minimum age is 21 or 23 years old and you have to have been in possession of your driving license for at least 1 year. Of course, there are some exceptions, which prove the rule, there are few car rental companies that will rent cars to people aged 19. But when this happens an extra fee will usually be charged.

Apart from the rental price, are there any other additional costs?

Baby seats, booster seats, snow chains, additional drivers, etc. are not included in the rental price and will be charged as extra.
Next there is the fuel for the car. There are different rules depending on the provider

  • full / full this regulation is common in many European countries. Please note that if the car hire company has to refuel the vehicle when it should have been returned full you may incur considerable costs. So make sure you fill the vehicle up to the brim.
  • full / empty this rule applies mainly to Spain. You pay for the fuel received with the car and give the car back with as empty a tank as possible. Remaining petrol will not be refunded. Except for a rental period of 3 days, when you will be reimbursed the amount paid.
  • Return the car with the same amount of fuel as when it was collected, the vehicle can then be collected/returned full, half empty or almost empty.

Can you reserve a specific vehicle model?

Unfortunately you can not. The car rental company will confirm only the vehicle category, not a specific model. You may like to request the desired vehicle at time of making your reservation and we will transmit this information to the car rental company, but it is not a guaranteed.

May I take the car to another country?

Not all car rental companies allow entry to another country, and of those that do, most charge an extra fee for it. We advise you, in this case, to call our booking hotline prior to making your booking, so that we can give you accurate information.

International One-Way rentals

e.g. Renting a car in Spain and returning it to Portugal is usually not possible and if it is at all possible you will significant costs because the vehicles must be returned to the country of registration.