Tips and hints for booking and choosing your vehicle

High Season

Please note that the high season often leads to high demand for the car rental companies and therefore often the desired type of vehicle is no longer available. We therefore advise you to book early for the summer and holiday season, i.e. at least 10-12 weeks in advance.
Special models like convertibles, jeeps, buses and transits should be booked even earlier.

Maxi-Cosi - Baby Seat - Booster Seat

If you need a baby seat or booster seat request it at the time of making your booking. If these extras are not reserved at that time, it is possible that at a later date, due to limited availability, these may not be available.
Some car rental companies also offer Maxi Cosi, but please note that baby seats and booster seats, especially in southern countries do not necessarily have the same standard as in the UK.

Trips abroad

When you make your reservation you must also advise us if you are needing to take it abroad of over sea. Many car rental companies do not allow this, so it must be booked well in advance.

Hotel delivery

If you want a hotel delivery please let us know the name and if possible the address of the hotel at the time of booking. We then ask the car rental company if it is possible for the desired date. Please allow approximately one hour of waiting time for hotel deliveries. Ensure you stay in the area of the hotel reception and do not go to another part of the hotel so that the car rental staff can find you. Some car rental companies will pick you up from the hotel and then drive you to their nearest office.


When on holiday you want to arrive at your destination in comfort and safety. Therefore take note in advance how much luggage you will have and whether you can stow that amount of luggage in the vehicle selected. Any car journeys in a cramped vehicle should be avoided for safety reasons.
If you are not sure whether the size is adequate, we advise you to check the manufacturer’s website to see their technical data.
Book your car one category higher than you think you will need to ensure that you are not left in the position of being unable to fit your luggage in to the vehicle.

Pick up from the car rental station

If you do not want to collect your car at the airport but at the car hire office, then please check on our website about the opening times of the respective branches of the car rental company. At Lunchtime in many southern countries most offices are closed.

Call Please!

On your booking confirmation you will receive all necessary information for the handover of the vehicle. If contrary to expectations, at the counter you have unexpected problems, call our hotline immediately or outside the opening times our mobile number. Usually we can help immediately and then resolve the matter.


Any questions? Our professional and trained staff will be pleased to help you. Give us a call. We are here for you.