The right car hire Insurance.

When renting a car, there is a distinction between the different types of

A) liability insurance

This insurance is compulsory and covers damage to another party.
The coverage varies between the countries where the car is hired. Many car rental companies voluntarily increase the coverage amount, as that which is prescribed by law is often insufficient, for example, in Spain, this increased voluntary coverage, for most car rental companies, is EUR 50 million

B) Theft Insurance

Theft insurance covers the damage if the vehicle is stolen.
The car hire theft insurance can be offered with and without excess and will depend and vary upon the country where the vehicle is hired.

C) Full insurance

Comprehensive insurance covers the damages for which the hirer themselves are to blame. Also here there is a distinction between with and without excess. For many car hire companies, the deductible excess can be reduced or eliminated by an additional payment.


The insurance coverage does not apply to damage which the lessee is responsible for such

  • Negligently dealing with the vehicle
  • Driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • With some car rental companies damage to tyres, wheels, windscreen and undercarriage or sump, incorrect fuelling of the vehicle, keys which are lost are not included in the comprehensive insurance. Depending on the provider, there are additional insurances offered which cover such damage.

Personal Accident Insurance:

With a Personal Accident Insurance damage to all occupants in the vehicle are insured. The coverage is usually 15000-20000 EUR. This insurance can be completed on site at most car rental companies.

The most important abbreviations for insurance

  • CDW = Full Insurance
  • TP = Theft protection insurance
  • LDW = Comprehensive / Theft Protection Insurance
  • SCDW = full insurance at reduced or without SB (excess)
  • LIS = Liability Insurance
  • PAI = Personal Accident Insurance
  • CPP = persons and baggage insurance
  • WT = glass / tyre / interior insurance
  • ELIS = Extended liability insurance
  • CP = travel insurance