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Car hire Spain information

Spain became a monarchy again in 1975. King Juan Carlos has led Spain to democracy. Spain is a member of NATO since 1982 and of the European Union since 1985. The country has made a leap into the modern world and can compete with the well-known industrial countries of the West. With 46 million inhabitants in 500,000 km2, Spain is an important economic partner within the Union and strategically important within NATO. Spain also has many beautiful sights, which can be comfortably visited with a car hire Spain! One of the artistic strongholds of Europe is Barcelona which also offers an interesting historic old town. On Montjuïc you will experience a unique panorama over the city. With our hire car price comparison you can search and find the right car at the right price in order to be able to visit Barcelona. The capital of Spain, Madrid is about 620km away. With a car it is always worth the trip, also to other significant places such as Seville to explore.

Tourism and car hire Spain

With revenues of 40 billion Euros annually from tourism the holiday industry is an important asset for the state budget in Spain. Spain holds a magical attraction to English-speaking tourists, with thousands of miles of Mediterranean coastline, hundreds of miles of Atlantic coast to the Canaries and a mild climate; country has drawn a never-ending influx of tourists since the fifties.

Explore Spain by car hire Spain!

Acquaint yourself with this unique country and explore it with your inexpensive car hire Spain from Cars4Holidays! Car hire is available at all airports in Spain and is half as expensive as in Northern Europe. This is an overwhelming and attractive appeal for tourists and is therefore very popular. The entire range of car hire is more than 100,000 hire cars, mostly brand-new vehicles. When you search "Car Hire Spain" you will find something suitable.

The latest 50 of 1041 customer opinions on hire cars at Spain

David D. from Essex

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "The car was badly scratched which left us worried about extra costs that we could of defend"

about Cars4Holidays "You need to sort out the high pressure sales for extras surabce"

Elizabeth D. from Essex


about Cars4Holidays "Far too much pressure selling to take out ridiculously expensive insurance"

Jonna J. from Pandrup

about provider Goldcar Rental in Malaga "After using GoldCar at least 25 times the last 15 years, this time was the last. Pay deposit of eur 1400 and promised refund of petrol if return with full tank, we here nearly 2 months later still havent got the money back. This is not acceptable and we will use another company for the future"

Comment c4h-Team "I have contacted Goldcar they will refund the deposit a.s.a.p"

about Cars4Holidays "We will use your service again, but next time not use GoldCar. Return the car january 19, but still not gor refund af deposit eur 1400 (marz 16.) and refund deposit of petrol"

Keith A. from Woodstock


about Cars4Holidays "Website should have an option to cancel or change reservations."

Keith A. from Woodstock

about provider Goldcar Rental in Almeria "Late charges with no explanation should be handled better."


David D. from Essex

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "I am not happy with the excessive charges for insurance. Nor do I like the fee just to fill the car with petrol. I will be looking elsewhere for a fairer deal"


Joerg H. from London


about Cars4Holidays "Filering function for vehicle categories would be helpful"

Fredrik M. from Oslo


about Cars4Holidays "I'd like more info on my confirmation e-mail, at least the agreed price."

Anthony D. from Tunbridge Wells, Kent

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "I had to cancel later and their service to do this was very good."

about Cars4Holidays "Excellent."

Wolfgang D. from Haan

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "Technical condition of the cars were not optimal."

about Cars4Holidays "Excellent Service !"

Brian M. from Kildare

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "The car did have additional markings to what was on the initial documents. I would feel a little nervous on taking a car in case I missed something. That being said the Gold Car employee did a good job once we identified the additional marks."


Keith A. from Woodstock

about provider Goldcar Rental in Almeria "Not received an invoice yet."


Sabine S. from Eschborn

about provider Goldcar Rental in Malaga "Goldcar stellt Rechnung für Schäden, die bei der Fahrzeugübergabe schon vorhanden waren und dort auch dokumentiert wurde. Goldcar Kundenservice reagiert nicht auf Beschwerde diesbezüglich."


Anthony S. from Sheffield

about provider Goldcar Rental in Almeria "Minor scratches on front & rear bumpers (which were already noted on the delivery documents), otherwise very good."


Arnhild R. from Erkrath

about provider Goldcar Rental in Benidorm "all points five star what more can I say ?"


Thomas E. from Münster

about provider Goldcar Rental in Palma de Mallorca "Very slow pick-up procedure (over 1 1/2 hours). Still waiting for fuel refund."


Eric M. from Ploudalmezeau


about Cars4Holidays "very quick & efficient service at alicante airport"

David D. from Harlow

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "Like most people I hate the insurance scam, otherwise all is well. Many people do not have £950 spare on their credit card so are forced to take out excessive extra insurance."


Rolf-Helmut O. from Brugge

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "See my comment above. I received a mail fom Goldcar one day after I had returned the car confirming that the company will reimburse me for the fuel not used. I hope that they will credit the same price per liter of petrol that I paid for the full tank at the moment of renting the car. I'll let you know as soon as I know."

about Cars4Holidays "everything worked out perfect. Goldcar changed the car op moment of the renting since the original car had a small crack in the front wind shield possibly causing full break when turning on the ac.."

Frouwke M. from Stadskanaal

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "They try to sell you a very expensive insurance or you have to give a very high deposit"

about Cars4Holidays "I miss the dutch language"


about provider Goldcar Rental in Almeria "every time we book with Goldcar ( and we have used them a lot over the past few years ) it takes such a long time to pick up the car due to the long queue & they never seem to learn to put on more staff to deal with this."


Jørgen A. from Nakskov

about provider Goldcar Rental in Malaga "could improve waiting time to collect the car"



about provider Goldcar Rental in Malaga "They shoul offer more days in the rent period and the insurance it should be a little bit cheaper"

about Cars4Holidays "When you have to cancel a booking, I would like to do in you website."

Loris N. from Ancona

about provider Goldcar Rental in Seville "The tires were low pressured"


Linda S. from Eltham

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "Very impressive service from start to finish. Would definitely book through the company agIn."


Neil C. from Braintree

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "Excess insurance is a rip off paid 153 euros too over priced"


Ian M. from Dorset

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "The only problem is the long wait at the arrival desk for Gold Car to activate the booking, this can be as long as 45 minutes, but then all rental companies seem to be the same. The rental company that can improve on this as on going would pick up most of the bookings for rental. Stand in the queue and talk to those waiting to verify my assessment of the situation."


Anthony S. from Sheffield

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "The queue at the check in / pick-up desk was very long. More staff should be available at busy times which can be predicted from the bookings. I've had the same problem at your Almeria desk."


Andrew M. from West Yorkshire

about provider Centauro in Alicante "Nissan Duke has a 46litre fuel tank Centauro charge 91€ including a 25€ charge, so 66€ to fill a 46litre tank diesel is not 1.43€ a litre so usual Centauro rip off!"

about Cars4Holidays "no problems as usual"

Rune W. from Rådal

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "They are most interested in selling insurance and they take an extra 2% exchange rate + charging another 30 euro diesel charge. But overall not very expencive. Just an irritating way of doing business."


Andrew M. from Halifax

about provider Centauro in Malaga "Nice to be able to book a diesel car, but stil no refund for unused fuel & 91€ charged for a Nissan Duke, it will only take about 50€ when empty usual Spanish rip off"


Andrew P. from Merseyside

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "I have used Goldcar Rental approximately 25 times over the previous 7 years having excellent service. The introduction of Flex fuel is an added improvement."

about Cars4Holidays "Excellent service but I was unable to contact your UK office on +442075588101 over a 2 week period. You responded the next day to my email."

Gerard J. D. from Amsterdam

about provider Goldcar Rental in Ibiza "All went fine except for one thing. On arrival they should have more people behind the desk. When we arrived there was only one person there. After a while he got som support of two others. They kno in advance that there are renters coming and at what time, so it should not be too difficult to arrange enough staff at the right moment I guess. So some improvement can be made here."


Rene K. from Hulsberg

about provider Goldcar Rental in Malaga "we had a bit of an argument with the rentaldesk upon collecting our car. They were not pleased we decided not to take the extra insurance. the invoice was not clear VAT was included in the voucher but nog on the invoice but in the end they carged the amount correctly."


Gilbert V. from Halle


about Cars4Holidays "heel tevreden daar ik 2bestellingen en ze hebben na een paar dagen de 2 reservations in 1 reservation from 17 of July until 21 of August so i was verry happy that they get the 2resevations Together and Thanks for the GOOD SERVICES"

Jørgen A. from Nakskov

about provider Goldcar Rental in Malaga "Heavy pressure time consuming to pay additional insurance which i did not want. Annoying because many People queing up to get Their cars"


Benny V. from Diepenbeek

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "several damages on the car + seats click away to open, did not function, very inconvenient to enter and to leave the car ! (7 seats car) Car had also a lot of kilometers , in the past we got almost new cars !"

about Cars4Holidays "Perfect !"


about provider Goldcar Rental in Girona "They have now raised the excess to over 1000 Euros, This is to frighten people into buying there own insurance cover. Not very helpful on collection desk in Girona. Will never use them again, and will dissuade anyone else if they ask."


Fraukje B. from Amstelveen

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "Although I did not order a Diesel vehicle, I was given one, which is fine. But I was also charged an additional Diesel charge of 11.57 euro ex. VAT, which I feel is not fair when I did not request a diesel vehicle in the first place. I only noticed this additional charge when filing my expenses."

Comment c4h-Team "In the next days Goldcar will refund the the additional diesel charge"


Andrea D. from Swords

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "I was impressed with Goldcar this time I actually recieved an refund on the amount of fuel I did not use, which is one of the main reasons I was considering by a car in Spain this year due to all the money you loose paying for petrol that you don't use it is such a waste. I am delighted to see that I was refunded at least some of the petrol and if they would continue to do this I will most definetly book with them again."


Inger W. from Rådal

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "Had to wait at the desk for some time. Seems that the they were mor interested in selling insurance than give the customers a car.We got refund for remaining fuel. That is an inprovement."


Andrew M. from Halifax

about provider Centauro in Alicante "I always use Centauro, because I can specify a diesel car. The cars are usually almost new & on two occasions brand new, however this time they gave me a car that old it needed an ITV, also it had poor tyres, after complaining they gave me 5710 HFD again not a new car & 94.000km, both cars had Northgate flexible renting logos on them, although the car gave me no problems except for the service light coming on, it says on Centauros web site "cars refreshed every year" these vehicles were not upto their usual standard!"

about Cars4Holidays "usual first class service with no problems, pay on arrival is a great bonus!!"

Emile V. from Bosch en duin

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "Waiting time to get. the car was more than 1 hour and that is way too long!"


Ian M. from Dorchester

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "I have booked with Gold car on many occasions and on this booking was allocated a Fiat 500 and although pretty to look at it must be the worst car I have driven. I think the company must have bought a job lot of this vehicle because every where you went you saw the same white version. I would also point out that when making the booking the smaller 5 door vehicles were not available on their list, I wonder why? One further point the vehicle was listed as having air con I could not find it it wasn't required on this trip but would be later in the season. Because of Gold car popularity it took 45 mins in the line before we were served. I shall look for an alternative dealer for my next trip to avoid this delay. Ian McLellan"


David D. from Harlow Essex

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "We spent over 1hour at the rental desk, the same couple before us were at the counter for 25 minutes arguing about insurance and deposits. We only use the car to drive to the resort in Moraira and back, we do not use the car in the resort so we do not take extra insurance. They charged our card with 800 euros deposit. This took us right up to our limit on our card. On the first night my card was refused at a restaurant because I was over my limit. This meant I could no longer use my only credit card for my holiday. It took until the Monday to get our bank to raise our limit so could not even go to the supermarket to buy food. We survived the weekend on the 50 euros we had in cash. We will never use gold car again"

about Cars4Holidays "The booking process works very well. The experience at the rental desk is not so good."

Andrew M. from Halifax

about provider Centauro in Alicante "only centauro allow you to specify a diesel car, & usually not much of a queue to collect, unlike Goldcar!!!"

about Cars4Holidays "I have known Anne Kemsley many years, it was her who recommended C4H to me & I have used you ever since & never had any problems, knowing who you are booking with(I like Centauro & a diesel car) is great plus pay on arrival is a great bonus"

Andrew M. from West yorkshire

about provider Centauro in Alicante "usual fuel & extra insurance rip off, typical Spain!! otherwise fine"

about Cars4Holidays "usual excellent service"

Andrew M. from Halifax

about provider Centauro in Malaga "98€ fuel charge for a Peugeot 308 diesel, usual Spanish rip off, but otherwise great car as usual!"

about Cars4Holidays "I have used you for many years, it was Anne Kemsley who told me about your great pay on arrival service, hope centauro pay you your comission!!"

Alejandro P. from Alicante

about provider Goldcar Rental in Alicante "they overcharge way too much por fuel, and don´t give the option of returning the fuel deposit full."

about Cars4Holidays "you should include more information about insurances and fuel conditions. I paid over 200 € for these concepts on top of the hire price"

Comment c4h-Team "If you pay the deposit, no insurance will be charged. The deposit you will get back when drop off the car. Regards c4h Team"

Wilma H. from Heemskerk


about Cars4Holidays "We had to pay extra for a diesel car, while we did not asked for a diesel. We like you to pay back to us the € 15,00 they have charged us for a diesel car."

Comment c4h-Team "Dear cutomer, please inform us by email, then you get back your money, this is a guestbook not a claim service."

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