Collection at airport

For exact pick up arrangements, please refer to the documents sent to you with your reservation. The examples shown here correspond to the most common handovers.

A counter in the arrivals hall
The car rental company has an office in the arrivals hall, where the lease is signed and the car hire is paid for. With the delivery order the hirer goes to the car park where the car rental company often maintains a small office. There you will get the car keys and the parking space number will be advised.

Security; the easiest way and safest way to rent a car. The car rental company will pay for this considerable fees to the airport operators, but these fees are ultimately passed on in the rental price. This collection option is preferred by most hirers, so the queues at the airport counters are always very large. At the airports in recent years this mainly occurs in the summer months and also on a Saturday which is the main arrival day. The long waiting times at the counters in the arrivals hall can cause some problems for hirers (if they have to check in to their accommodation during a certain time period). Mostly those who have had to wait several hours, even staunch supporters of the airport delivery service, now choose to switch the version C the shuttle bus transfer.

B Collection from the airport car park
The car rental company has an office (e.g. a mobile office) in the airport car park or in an adjoining building within walking distance of the airport near the arrival hall. The car is in nearby and there is someone to help with any questions about the operation of the car or similar queries.

The principle offers a good solution to avoid crowded arrival halls. However, it may also happen that you are waiting in the rain or 35 degrees heat in queue at an outside office.

C Shuttle bus transfer
In the arrivals hall or in front of the hall are the employees of the various car rental companies with name tags of the hirer and / or a sign for the car rental company they represent. This employee is usually dressed in a uniform with the colours of the car hire firm and they will tell you exactly where the shuttle bus stops and when the next one leaves. The car rental company has an office in the immediate vicinity of the airport. The drive usually takes only 3-4 minutes and the offices are 2-3 miles away. In North America, the trip can take more time to reach the site sometimes even 10 minutes.

Our Partner firms are always in the immediate vicinity of the airport, the transit time is generally less than a few minutes. Often the company site is within sight of the arrival hall (e.g. Ibiza, Menorca). The transportation is offered, although the car hire office maybe only 300 metres or 500 metres away, with a suitcase this may be just too far .
When the Car rental company representatives, who usually arrive just before the customer, the atmosphere is more relaxed than in the airport terminal. Seating, vending machines, air conditioning and a shuttle bus ride awaiting you. Then you're already on the way to your house or hotel before the hirer waiting at the airport desk, who are perhaps still waiting in a queue.

D staff in the arrivals hall
In the arrivals hall or in front of the hall are the employees of the various car rental company with name tags of the hirer and / or the sign of the car rental company they represent. The employee will accompany you to the airport parking lot and to your car and signs on the spot the rental agreement deals with the terms of payment.

_N.B: _
This form of delivery of the vehicle is often used by smaller companies._ The rental price is also by comparison significantly lower than that of the car rental companies who have a desk in the arrivals hall. The employee of the car rental company usually has a portable credit card terminal operated via GSM with them, so that you can be correctly billed. The acquisition of the vehicle is not a problem. Upon return, there may be delays if the employee is not found immediately. It may be that you as a hirer can not return the vehicle keys to the employee, but inevitably there is a key deposit at the information desk in the airport hall._