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2 customer opinions on hire cars at Bergamo

Domas V. from Domeikava, Kauno rajonas

about provider Goldcar in Bergamo "Fuel policy..."


Kristof B. from Halen

about provider Goldcar in Bergamo "It was a complet disaster. Although there was still 3 people before us in line it took more than 1h45 to get to the desk. And then it just started. As always they asked if we would like some additional insurrance. When we said no, they start to treath us that money has to be blocked and that it would be a lot more expensive. We still said no: then they came with discount on the ammount for insurrance. We still refused, we would like just a car with no extra's. So threating continues now they would charge an additional 5% commision and we have to be in more than 2 hours in advance to do a general check up of the car etc... After using goldcar in the past for several times in Spain and Italy this was the worst and last experience with them. At a certain point it was enough so we asked to cancel the booking and bring us back to the airport where we booked another car. After 3h30 we could get off but unfortunately we missed our first business meeting and could forget a professional impression at the company we were going to visite. Absolutey the worst experience ever with a car rental company."


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